Why Should You Check If Your Site is Mobile-Friendly?


Website design is one of the most common focuses of experts and online marketers. When one opts to build a website to grow traffic, it is the design that they work on day in and day out so that they can ensure that customers will be willing to buy the company’s product or get their services before they close the window of their sites.

Part of website design work is to check if the website that you are creating is mobile-friendly. What does this mean? Your website designer aims to make your site look good on mobile devices as they are in desktops and computers. This is essential in securing a purchase of, say, a product that is sold on a flipkart online shopping store.

Mobile use

mobilePeople usually takes 6 to 14 hours a day on their mobile phones. They use their mobile phones to check emails, look for restaurants, book cheap Amsterdam hotels, purchase products from online shops like Lazada and Zalora, read feeds and posts from different social media platforms, get information for questions that they might have in their mind. It is seldom that you will find someone who does not have a mobile device. It is not a luxury anymore. It is a need that people have to buy to survive in this generation.

Mobile-friendly site

A mobile-friendly site has a lot of perks. You have to make sure that your site appears great on mobile as it is on large monitors and computers. This is because:


It caters to those who use mobile devices

socialAround 50 to 80 percent of people use their mobile devices to buy products online or communicate with businesses. Mobile phones are small computers that they can use to make transactions easily and quickly. When you have a website that is not mobile-friendly, you will be missing out on a lot of potential buys and clicks.

It will be easier to navigate

A mobile-friendly site is easier to navigate compared to a website that retain their desktop format on phones and other devices. A site should be controlled and scrolled without the hassles of browsing left or right of the site.

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  1. Faith - April 20, 2019 Reply

    The more people use your site on mobile, the more focused you should be in making sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If you do not put your attention on this matter, you may be losing thousands of dollars in revenue. Be one step ahead of the game and design a mobile-friendly site today.

  • Kurt - September 29, 2019 Reply

    These days, more people are browsing the web using their smart phones. It’s a matter of having a great responsive site design.

  • Matt - April 24, 2019 Reply

    Making your website mobile-friendly is easier nowadays because more plugins have the option of converting your desktop-designed site into mobile. But you have to be careful with this one, too. Like any other tool, it will not be as perfect as you want it to be. You have to check it yourself to see the whole page looks good.

  • Howard - May 14, 2019 Reply

    You have two options if you want your website look good on mobile. You can purchase plugins that automatically convert your desktop configuration to mobile. Another option is to make separate designs on phone and on desktop. The latter is more difficult but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

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